Limay Biosciences: The Argentine Startup Pioneering Early Dengue Detection

Limay Biosciences: The Argentine Startup Pioneering Early Dengue Detection

Early detection of diseases is crucial for preventing epidemic outbreaks and saving lives. In this context, Limay Biosciences, a scientific-based startup in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has set out to revolutionize the way dengue virus is detected. With a focus on the development of molecular tests, this company aims to offer an effective and accessible solution that can provide rapid and accurate results.

Development of the Dengue Detection Kit

The current process of dengue detection involves tests that can take up to four hours to yield results. Limay Biosciences, led by Marcelo Kauffman, has been working diligently over the past two years on the development of a detection kit based on CRISPR-Cas technology. This technology will allow patients to obtain results in a reduced time frame of between 60 and 120 minutes after blood extraction, representing a significant advancement in early dengue virus detection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that half of the world's population is at risk of contracting dengue, with between 100 and 400 million infections occurring annually. This reality poses a significant challenge for public health, especially in vulnerable regions. This innovative solution is committed to addressing this urgent need through its innovative approach to early dengue virus detection.

To carry out its vision, Limay Biosciences has established strategic collaborations with companies such as Infinity Pharma, an Argentine laboratory specializing in the production and commercialization of medicinal specialties. This support has been crucial for advancing the development and testing of the dengue detection kit.

A Comprehensive Approach to Public Health

This startup does not stop at its mission to improve public health. In addition to its project focused on dengue, the company is developing diagnostic lines for other infections, such as severe bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance profiles. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the company's commitment to addressing multiple health challenges with innovative solutions.

Limay Biosciences' dengue detection kit is based on a combination of advanced technologies, including molecular biology, protein engineering, and microengineering. This multidisciplinary approach enables a fast, accurate, and low-cost testing process that can be implemented in various regions for significant global impact.

Commitment to Ongoing Research and Development

Limay Biosciences takes pride in its ongoing dedication to research and the development of advanced technologies. Their commitment to innovation is reflected in their business DNA, allowing them to continue improving and accelerating the testing process. With results available in 60 minutes and a user-centric approach, this solution is paving the way for a future of rapid and effective diagnosis for infectious diseases.

The work of Limay Biosciences represents a step forward in the fight against dengue and other infectious diseases. With their innovative approach, strategic collaborations, and commitment to continuous research, they are paving the way for a healthier and safer future for communities worldwide.