Meet OPSLINK: The New and Innovative Solution for the Legal Sector

Meet OPSLINK: The New and Innovative Solution for the Legal Sector

In a world where efficiency, agility, and innovation are paramount, the legal sector faces increasingly significant challenges. Responding to these demands,, Legal Hub, and Lawit Group have joined forces to launch OPSLINK, a firm specializing in consulting services for legal operations and the implementation of technological solutions in Mexico. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how companies manage their legal departments by integrating cutting-edge technology and efficient operational practices.

“Players in the legal sector recognize the need to advance with digital transformation and operational management initiatives,” says Andrés Jara, a partner at OPSLINK. In a business ecosystem that demands greater efficiency and innovation, companies need a strategic partner who understands and manages legal changes, operational processes, and advanced technology implementation. Artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a key factor in this transformation, reshaping the management and operation of legal services and driving a corporate operational revolution., Legal Hub, and Lawit Group are three leading entities in the legal market, specializing in digital transformation and legal operations. Together, they have announced the formation of OPSLINK to provide consulting services and technological solutions in Mexico. From diagnosing and designing strategies to implementing legal technology, OPSLINK simplifies and automates daily tasks, allowing legal teams to focus on critical business matters and add value to their organizations.

Benefits of the Alliance

Legal operations are the foundation for driving efficiency in legal workflows, enabling lawyers to dedicate more time to generating strategic value. OPSLINK strategically integrates management techniques and models with international best practices. A detailed analysis of key elements such as people, organization, performance, processes, resources, and technology allows OPSLINK to diagnose the state of legal operations and offer transformative solutions based on a comprehensive action plan.

According to Pablo Balancini, CEO of Legal Hub and a partner at OPSLINK, this alliance will enable companies and their legal departments to benefit from comprehensive advice on their legal operations and digital transformation. “Our approach includes developing and implementing legaltech solutions necessary to manage change and remain relevant,” emphasizes Balancini.

Juan Carlos Luna, CEO of Lawit Group, adds that OPSLINK's commitment and methodological rigor reflect their understanding of the strategic value of legal operations.

Andrés Jara, CEO of and a partner at OPSLINK, notes, “We reinforce our commitment to our clients by strengthening ties to multiply our influence through over 20 years of experience in this sector.” Combining specializations with high technical quality standards and a focus on digital transformation and operational management offers a unique opportunity in the legal market.

OPSLINK represents a necessary and strategic evolution for the legal sector in Mexico. The integration of advanced technology and efficient operational practices, supported by the experience and vision of, Legal Hub, and Lawit Group, promises to transform legal and operational management, ensuring relevance and competitiveness in a constantly changing world.