Revolutionizing Processes: Spectum's Journey from Corporate Insights to Startup Success

Revolutionizing Processes: Spectum's Journey from Corporate Insights to Startup Success

Embarking on a decade-long journey within a multinational corporation before laying the foundation for a startup currently active in Latin America and Spain, Spectum has redefined the landscape of procurement processes.

Identifying the Need for Innovation

Founded in 2022 by Argentine entrepreneurs Ariel Abramoff and Matías Andrade, this groundbreaking platform has swiftly expanded to serve more than 4,000 registered companies, providing streamlined solutions for material and service acquisitions.

These entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in multinational corporate purchasing, recognized a pressing issue – the complexity of managing materials and services due to supply chain issues, inefficient tools, and suboptimal decision-making. This realization fueled the inception of Spectum, a technology-driven solution aimed at centralizing, digitizing, and optimizing corporate purchasing departments.

Founding Team and Technological Innovation

Joining forces with Martín Galli (CTO) and Sebastián Belaustegui
(Head of Engineering), the team embarked on developing software to streamline
and enhance the procurement processes of companies. Spectum, born out of this
collaboration, stands as a user-friendly platform that expands supplier
networks, reduces bidding times, and ultimately saves both time and costs for

Among Spectum's initial clients was the renowned Chilean brand,
NotCo. By utilizing Spectum's services, NotCo rapidly diversified its network
of alternative suppliers, achieving significant savings of up to 35% on various
materials within minutes. Ariel Abramoff, CEO of Spectum, emphasizes the
tangible impact of their initiative on the renowned Chilean brand.

Platform Democratization and Market Efficiency

Ariel Abramoff highlights Spectum's unique position in the market – unlike existing costly software tailored for multinational corporations, Spectum holds equal value for both large enterprises and smallerbusinesses. In a competitive landscape, especially amid economic uncertainties, Spectum's role extends beyond merely optimizing procurement processes; it serves as a tool to democratize the market.

Founded in 2022 and launched in Argentina in January 2023, Spectum's growth trajectory has been remarkable. NotCo's partnership marked the beginning, and within a short span, Spectum expanded its reach to Chile, Mexico, and Spain. The platform's success is evident in its current user baseof over 4,000 companies in Latin America and beyond.

Every entrepreneurial journey encounters challenges, and for Spectum, the initial hurdles included overcoming resistance from experienced personnel accustomed to traditional roles and addressing fears stemming from experiences with ineffective tools. However, Spectum's user-friendly and intuitive nature swiftly dispelled concerns, delivering immediate and positive results for organizations.

Future Endeavors and Capital Expansion

While currently operating in "boost" mode, utilizinginternal revenues to enhance operations, Spectum anticipates seeking external funding soon. The team is prepared to embrace the challenge of securing capital to further elevate their service standards.

Spectum aims to establish itself as a leader in Latin America, continually adding essential functionalities to reduce operational times for clients. Looking ahead, the long-term vision involves comprehensive coverage of the entire supply chain process, incorporating artificial intelligence to further optimize this crucial aspect. Spectum is on a mission to transform and streamline procurement for the foreseeable future.