Unlock Her Future Awards: Here Are the Finalists from Latin America

Unlock Her Future Awards: Here Are the Finalists from Latin America

In its second edition, the Unlock Her Future Prize has highlighted the entrepreneurial potential of women across Latin America. This initiative, aimed at empowering startups led by women with a focus on positive social, cultural, and environmental impact, has selected eight finalists from the region.

The Purpose of the Prize

Presented by The Bicester Collection in collaboration with the Tecnológico de Monterrey and supported by Ashoka Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, the Unlock Her Future Prize aims to discover and empower social entrepreneurs. It seeks to foster the creation of companies that contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the well-being of communities.

The Finalists of the LATAM 2024 Edition

The eight selected finalists represent a diversity of innovative and transformative projects:

Andrea Nunes, from Venezuela - Easy Clean Water
Easy Clean Water focuses on providing clean drinking water to Latin American communities through solar purification systems, promoting health and environmental preservation.

Annie Rosas, from Mexico - Bluekali
Bluekali uses technology to clean oceans and rivers, addressing the challenges of collecting recycled plant material and improving workers' conditions.

Bluekali | LinkedIn

Florencia Sosa, from Argentina - Andina
Andina empowers women in the Puna region of Catamarca by combining ancestral craft techniques with disruptive technologies, generating economic opportunities and preserving local culture.

Gabriela de Sá, from Brazil - Colorar
Colorar is a mobile application that provides comprehensive support to women facing domestic violence in Brazil and Latin America, promoting reporting and financial independence.

Colorar | LinkedIn

Leydi Cruz, from Bolivia - AGRIMET
AGRIMET helps farmers optimize irrigation and increase their yields through personalized advice and access to data, addressing climate challenges.

Shirley Matos, from Panama - Infonimados
Infonimados transforms education into a fun experience through animated content for all ages, connecting learning with entertainment.

Infonimados - YouTube

Thamires Pontes, from Brazil - Phycolabs
Phycolabs develops innovative products and technologies that harness the potential of algae as an alternative to petrochemical materials.

Valentina Agudelo, from Colombia - Salva Health
Salva Health develops wearable devices with AI for early detection of breast cancer, making healthcare accessible in remote areas.

The Judging Panel of the LATAM 2024 Edition

The winners of the Unlock Her Future Prize will be announced at a gala in Madrid, with a distinguished panel of judges including experts in business, philanthropy, media, and human rights:

The Unlock Her Future Prize offers winners up to $100,000 to boost their startups, as well as access to mentoring programs and university education. This comprehensive support aims to strengthen entrepreneurial skills and expand networks, paving the way for business success for women entrepreneurs in Latin America.