Zendesk Launches Investment Fund Focused on AI

Zendesk Launches Investment Fund Focused on AI

Zendesk has officially launched its global investment fund aimed at supporting startups focused on Artificial Intelligence, with the goal of enhancing experiences for both customers and employees. The Zendesk Ventures fund aims to empower startups by providing capital, expertise in customer experience (CX) and artificial intelligence, and creating strategic partnership opportunities that promote growth and innovation.

New Investments

Zendesk Ventures has announced new investments in PolyAI and UnitQ. PolyAI develops advanced conversational voice assistants, while unitQ is a customer feedback platform powered by artificial intelligence.

The Zendesk Ventures portfolio already includes platforms like Observe.AI and Zuper. The new additions focus on improving operational efficiency and customer experience through AI.

  • PolyAI: This voice solution enables Zendesk customers to manage complex interactions naturally, increasing revenue while reducing the workload of human agents.
  • UnitQ: This platform allows companies to efficiently collect and analyze customer feedback in real-time, quickly improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and identifying issues.

Leadership Comments

Ben Barclay, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development, and Transformation at Zendesk, commented: "All organizations are moving towards Artificial Intelligence, and we are eager to collaborate with companies leading this new era. Our goal goes beyond building our own products; we are also supporting an ecosystem of startups whose vision aligns with ours. Customer and employee service is rapidly changing due to advances in Artificial Intelligence. Investing in these companies not only drives their growth but also enhances our customers' ability to provide exceptional interactions.”
Michael Chen, Vice President of Partnerships at PolyAI, highlighted: “The market demands more efficient and personalized customer experiences. The future investment from Zendesk and PolyAI, along with our mutual connections in the call center space, signals a powerful synergy. With Zendesk Ventures strengthening our existing partnership, we are poised to accelerate product innovation and improve customer engagement, leveraging our voice AI technology to continue offering authentic and high-quality phone interactions. Together, we are excited to pave the way for the next generation of CX.”

Benefits of the Zendesk Ventures Program

In addition to capital, Zendesk Ventures offers several benefits to startups, including:

  • Strategic Partnerships: Access to CX and AI experts and collaboration opportunities to accelerate growth and innovation.
  • Network: Connection with Zendesk's sales team and introduction of products to potential customers.
  • Mentorship and Visibility: Exposure through Zendesk's network, meetings with executives and customers, and promotion in the Zendesk Marketplace, which hosts over 1,300 apps.

For more information about Zendesk Ventures and to explore collaboration opportunities, visit Zendesk Ventures.

Zendesk Ventures positions itself as a catalyst for startups looking to innovate in customer and employee experience through Artificial Intelligence. With its comprehensive approach that goes beyond mere financing, Zendesk Ventures is set to drive the next generation of tech companies and significantly enhance the CX ecosystem.